Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Me?! Really?!

Since my last post, I've rented an apartment here in my hometown. My rent is dirt cheap, so I always have some money left over after paying my bills. I consider my apartment to be the best in town, because I see deer out my windows on a regular basis. I'm almost surrounded by woods and soccer fields. I've also seen numerous turkeys, a dead fox, and a sasquatch (just kidding). When I saw the dead fox, there were three deer and a large bird looking at it. Actually, the large bird (not a vulture) was picking at the meat. Bon appetit! :-)

Also, in the past year or so, I've become pretty good friends with (I'll call him Jim). Jim drives me nuts - he interrupts me about 50% of the time - he almost always finishes his sentences mumbling and very quiet (I have to ask him to repeat the sentence often) - he says some of the stupidest things that are untrue, etc... many other things that drive me nuts. I'm afraid to bring any of these things to his attention in fear that he might get very depressed and try to kill himself (he has bipolar disorder, but so do I).

A few days ago, I saw my doctor to get the results of my blood tests. Everything was very good and normal except for my triglycerides. My cholesterol was so low that he took me off of my cholesterol medicine. Actually, my thyroid wasn't perfect, so he once again increased my medicine for that.

Today Google (a person in the product forums) sent me an email asking if I wanted to contribute to Google help forums, to answer questions basically. I figure if I can't answer, I'll just search for an answer in Google. I feel modest.

A little over a year ago, December of 2014, I set out to solve my Rubik's cube. I searched YouTube for tutorials and found several. About a week later I solved it. I also discovered something cool on YouTube - speedcubing. I soon bought a speedcube and I was hooked! I started out solving it in about six minutes. I worked real hard (I have plenty of time - I'm disabled) and now I can average right about a minute. My record (PB-personal best) is 43.8 seconds. There are basically four steps in solving a cube - the cross, F2L (the first two layers), OLL (orientation of last layer), and PLL (permutation of last layer). This method is called the Fridrich method, invented by a girl (at that time) in the early 1980s and named after her. I can't remember her first name. If you're interested in solving a cube, please consider clicking on one of the links to cube stores above. You can obtain one for very little money.

Ig :-)