Tuesday, May 03, 2005

"Runaway bride" - my thoughts:

Hey, gotta get away and think? ROAD TRIP, DUDE! Oh wait... that's illegal now. When did this country become communist?

Seriously, this world, or at least this country (US), can't seem to find any kindness, forgiveness, etc, in their hearts. We always seem to have a person convicted before they're even tried. And when they ARE tried and convicted, we seem to want the maximum penalty that the law allows.

This girl who left town recently and went to Las Vegas and Albuquerque doesn't deserve punishment. She needed to get away and think for a while. Since when is that a crime? GIVE ME A BREAK! Sure... she inconvenienced a lot of people, and maybe she should give a public apology. But to fine her thousands of dollars and possibly sentence her to jail? This is an outrage!

Hey, I just farted in public and caused several people to be uncomfortable, and possibly "grossed out" for a while. Well, I hope you all visit me in jail because I can't possibly pay the fines thrown at me due to the lawsuits won against me by the people surrounding me in that "fart" moment. The world -- too hardcore, too litigious, too unsympathetic. I've always said in a "joking around manner" that this world would be a great place to live if it weren't for people. Now I wonder how joking around I am when I say it.

ig <><

P.S. A personal note to Jennifer Wilbanks: Hey babe, a little less Red Bull, alright? Your eyes are gonna 'splode.

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